Terms and conditions for booking

How the booking works

All bookings can only be confirmed in writing by email. A form will be issued from Hay4you on reservation of an apartment - this provides us with the basic required information to secure your apartment. Your booking will be fully confirmed when Hay4you receives the completed form along with a security deposit. On arrival the booking will be completed with the presentation of valid ID, and a signed contract. Your private information will only be used internally in Hay4you, no information is ever shared with a third party. 


Hay4you recommends payment in cash or by bank transfer. Short term bookings (under 6 weeks) are required to pay for the stay in full on arrival.

Long term bookings are required to pay the monthly rent by the 3rd of the month. Contracts are usually made for a period of up to 6 months with options to extend in certain cases. Deposit payments for long term bookings is set to one month rent. Customer numbers are issued to long term guests, please state the number in monthly transfers. Failure to adhere to payment dates can result in a termination of the contract.


A final confirmation and receipt of payment will be issued by email. This and the contract can also serve as an invoice for normal bookkeeping purposes. If professional invoicing is required a one-off administration fee of DKK 200 will be added to the final booking.

Hay4you is not VAT registered.

Checking in

The apartments are available from 2.00pm on the day of arrival.
Check-ins are organised individually with Hay4you. Apartment check ins cost an additional fee of DKK 150/ 300. Please speak to us about alternatives. Opening hours vary - please contact us to make an appointment.

Registration for CPR

Permission to register at the address is only possible in select units, and must be sanctioned by Hay4you. We do not allow CPR registration for stays less than 6 weeks. A registration deposit of DKK 2.000 is required. This will be returned when confirmation of de-registration is presented to Hay4you no later than one week after departure.

Checking out

Check-out time is at 11am on the day of departure.
All keys must be returned to Hay4you. The guest is responsible for any costs in connections with lost keys. Alternative check-outs can be arranged.
Please ensure that the apartment is left tidy and all trash is removed on departure. The apartment should be left in the condition it was accepted. Additional charges of DKK 1000 may be imposed if the apartment is handed over in an unsatisfactory condition.

A final cleaning is required. Payment of this can be deducted from the deposit. If the apartment is handed over in a good condition cleaning costs will be minimal.

Linen and towels

Bed linen, towels and dish cloths are provided by Hay4you. You are only permitted to use linen and towels provided by Hay4you. Use of the owners' private linen can result in penalties. Long term guests can collect fresh linen from our office by appointment. Obligatory maintenance visits will be arranged for our long term guests. Failure to report maintenance issues can result in a fine.
Cleanings can be booked through our office.


No pets are permitted in any of our apartments. Not even for visits, sorry.


All Hay4you apartments are strictly non-smoking. Smoking in the apartment will be fined DKK 2.000 and can result in immediate termination of the contract.


Cancellations announced more than two weeks prior to the arrival date is commitment free. Any cancellation submitted two weeks, or less, before arrival will result in a charge of 3 days rent. Should the booked apartment become unavailable before the arrival Hay4you will provide a suitable alternative as compatible as possible with the original booking. In the unlikely event that Hay4you is forced to cancel the booking completely less than one week before arrival we will provide compensation equivalent to the basic rent 3 days. Private guests without a reference from a company or organisation will be expected to pay an agreed down payment for the rental in advance.
Longer term contracts terminated before the agreed date in the original booking have a 30 day termination period. 

General Conditions

All apartments are private and may not be uses for commercial purposes. Only guests stated on the booking form may occupy the apartment. Subletting is strictly forbidden. Overnight visits from friends and family should be announced to Hay4you to avoid misunderstandings. The apartment must be kept in good condition and handed over in the same state as received. Any breakages or complaints must be reported immediately to Hay4you. Guests are responsible for damages or losses caused during their stay. Specified house rules must be respected. Hay4you has the right to access the apartment to ensure this agreement is being respected. Abuse of these condition can result in immediate termination.

Hay4you liability

The apartment descriptions are made according to assessed viewings and information provided by the owners.
Hay4you is not responsible for alterations or changes to services carried out by the owners subsequent to this assessment.
Hay4you is not liable for any damage to guests or their property during the stay. Furthermore Hay4you does not cover expenses due to alterations in travel plans or delays. Please check your travel insurance for coverage.

Complaints must be issued to Hay4you within 24 hours of check-in. If Hay4you validates the complaint compensation or an alternative apartment may be provided equivalent to the original service purchased. There will be no further compensation in cases where alternative accommodation is accepted. If the guest vacates the apartment before reaching an agreement with Hay4you any right to compensation will be forfeited.
Weather conditions, temporary water issues, black-outs, construction work or damages caused by force majeure will not be considered as valid causes for complaint.

In the event of any dispute any litigation will be subject to Danish law.