About Hay4you

Hay4you was established in 1991 as Scandinavia's first agency for fully equipped and furnished privately owned apartments on a temporary basis. Each apartment is a home to both guest and owner, and we seek to treat them with care and respect.

We take pride in building good, personal relations with owners and guests alike to ensure the best stay for all concerned. In addition we are happy to share our knowledge of the city, and it's diverse neighbourhoods.

We were once newcomers to this beautiful town - and know this can be daunting.

Our unique name HAY stands for Homes, Art, Youth. HOMES being our business & leisure solutions, the ART & YOUTH are project based and have involved many venture over the years such as an art gallery, theatre projects and initiatives for young people in the service industry.

Our services

All of our apartments in Copenhagen are individually furnished by the owners. To this Hay4you adds a high level of service and professional maintenance for your convenience.

Over the years we have provided homes for 1000s of people visiting the city for business, pleasure or educational purposes. Our arrangements mainly cater to medium term stays: 6 weeks - 6 month. Thus we accommodate both companies and individuals looking for a temporary home in the city boroughs.

How we operate

We are a small team with a shared office located in the city centre. Our daily operations include coordinating stays, apartment maintenance and handling arising issues. Apartments are booked via mail correspondence. Please feel free to contact us for assisted booking or send us your feedback to booking(at)hay4you.dk -  Thank you.

Hay4you Aps
CVR number: 2599 5287